Advertise in NawaiWaqt Newspaper Classified and Display Ads

Advertise in NawaiWaqt Newspaper Classified and Display Ads 1

Advertise in NawaiWaqt newspaper Pakistan online by booking ad through NawaiWaqt Newspaper Ads are booked daily.


NawaiWaqt Newspaper is an Urdu daily newspaper in Pakistan which is currently owned by Majid Nizami Trust. It has a special position in Pakistan’s media, as the guardian of Pakistan’s ideology, with well established center right and nationalist credentials. Currently, it is one of the four top influential Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.

Why NawaiWaqt Newspaper ?

NawaiWaqt is the 2nd biggest urdu daily newspaper with afforadble & cheap rates for its classified section and display ads.

NawaiWaqt Display Ads:-

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NawaiWaqt Columns:-

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Famous Categories:-

There many famous categories in newspaper Jobs & Careers, Car Sale Purchase, Change of Address, Property, Plots, Shadi, Rishta, AAQ, Name Change, Degree Lost

Sunday classified Ads:-

Sunday classified ads will be charged and be booked in advance at least 3 days in advance. NawaiWaqt newspaper is Urdu language Newspaper.

Nawaiwaqt Advertisement Rates

Advertising RatesClassified Ads Price
Itla e Aam1500
Jobs Opportunities1500
Property for Sales and Rent1500
Document Lost and Found1500

Rates of advertising in NawaiWaqt Newspaper varies from different editions and different days.

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