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Advertise in daily mashriq newspaper Peshawar by booking ad through mashriq Newspaper Ads are booked daily.


Daily Mashriq Peshawar is Urdu Newspaper of Pakistan. Daily Mashriq Newspaper Online has been successfully operating through several major cities of Pakistan for the last 50 years under the supervision of Mashriq group of newspapers who also publishes The Statesman English Daily Newspaper. Roznama Mashriq ePaper is one of the most widely circulated Urdu newspapers in Pakistan. Mushriq Newspaper sunday always gives special attention to it’s policy and every article and new story is checked with great care and attention owing to its larger leadership.

Mashriq Akhbar Advertisement

Mashriq Akhbar a popular Urdu epaper daily, is broad sheet format newspaper that includes 10 pages and it’s price is 13 Pakistani rupees. Its economical price allows common person to buy it easily. The distinct style of Daily Mashriq reporting has been one of the many reasons of its high rates of circulation. The team of journalists and the editorial board make sure that the readers get authentic and genuine news without being accompanied by any biased opinions.

Daily Mashriq Job Section

Daily Mashriq Job is a section which is very popular among a large group of young people due to the fact that it includes hundreds of job ads and open vacancies. You can find latest daily Mashriq private and government job ads here. The jobs are often mentioned by the names of the cities where the job vacancy have been announced.

Why Mashriq Newspaper Ad Booking Important?

Mashriq newspaper is famous for its ads for Abroad job seekers and recruitment agencies. So if you plannib to send people abroad post your ads in Roznama Mashriq newspaper. first online website to book ads and published them in newspapers now you dont need to contact each and every newspaper or agent to book your ad.

Daily Mashriq Display Ads

Display ads are most expensive & costly. it is equally popular in display advertisement too. newspaper display ads are used by larger business establishments with larger advertising budgets. Display ads include public announcements, tender, public notice, education admission notices.

Mashriq Classified Ads

Advertise in Daily Mashriq Classified ads and display ads are cheaper than regular display ads and appear in smaller width sizes in the classified columns. Display Ads are generally 6-7 times more expensive than classified display advertisements. Classified ads can either be normal classified texts or classified display ads.

Famous Categories:

Some famous categories are published in newspaper such as Degree Lost, Name Change, AAQ, Tenders, Orbituary, Matrimonial, Education, Property, Jobs & Careers, Personal, Auction, Car sale & purchase

Sunday classified Ads

Advertise in Mashriq Newspaper Sunday This day sells more newspapers than the rest of the day.Because on that day people have a holiday. Well, all days are good, but on sunday people give most of their lives. Sunday classified ads will be charged and be booked in advance at least 03 days in advance you can booked ad till 04 p.m Thursday

Daily Mashriq Advertisement Rates

Advertising RatesClassified Ads Price

Rates of advertising in Mashriq Newspaper varies from different editions and different days.

for further detail information and booking your order

Our Ad Booking Agency:

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